AnastoSEAL safeguarding small intestine sutures as seen by a small portable ultrasound device.

Clarity when you need it the most.

Developed with surgeons for surgeons.

While often lifesaving sutured and stapled reconnections don’t come without their fair share of complications. At Veltist we created a smart and universal suture support patch that assists surgeons and medical personnel with instantly and unambiguously assessing the integrity of a patient’s sutures all while supporting the healing process.

The intelligent patch is a patent pending technology that is set apart by:

  • Its molecular stitch layer that ensures high performance adhesion even in the most demanding conditions.
  • Triggerable imaging elements that “turn-on” or “off” depending on the biochemical stresses of the sutured tissue, detectable with readily available techniques (Ultrasound, MRI, CT).
  • Therapeutic elements that act passively or actively to the tissue environment under the patch.
  • Non-adhesive backing which removes the worry for adjacent tissue adhesions.

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